jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Brawther - Remixes - Balance 013

A1 – Le Voyage [Module Mix]     
A2 – Ron & Chez D’s KMS 54
B1 – Asteroids & Stardust The Classic Revamp*
B2 – Gaél Kinsungila’s Life

"This new release includes Brawther takes his added interpretation of “Chez N Trent “ Don’t tryit/Happy” while keeping its original production. Creatively done in good classic dub taste. Included in this remix package a new remix of the underground techno cut “Le Voyage” which has now been given the house treatment. It keeps getting better as Brawther also add to this smash 12” inch his own interpretation of the current Balance release of “Saint Sebastion / Wipe the Needle “Life” and a added bonus and remix of “Asteroids and Stardust” by Chez Damier, every cut on this n release will appeal many rooms and programming for anytime of the night." Syncrophone

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