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Marcello Napoletano / Carl Bias / Joe Drive / Nicholas - Underground Dance - Hotmix 001

A1: Marcello Napoletano Ft Simoncino “Target House”
A2: Carl Bias “I Feel It”  
B1: Joe Drive « Underrated Love »
B2: Nicholas « Chi-Town Track »

"Obscure label created by Nick Anthony Simoncino . 300 limited copies , no reprints and vinyl only !!!Marcello Napoletano feat. Simoncino - Target House . ( Marcello Napoletano is one of the great producers in the world , this feat with the young and talented Simoncino , create "Target House", inspired by the works in 1986 / 87 of the great Joe Lewis . )Carl Bias - I Feel It  .( From the legendary group Master C & J !!! What about him...A true legend ! "I Feel It" is a great track , heart and class , deep bassline , 909 grooving and enveloping melody . )Joe Drive - Underrated Love . ( Obscure and beautifull track by the talent Napolitan just released on Mathematics . This track remind of the first productions on Antima and Calypso early 90's ! . )Nicholas - Chi-Town Track . ( The man Nicholas , from the grat Italian label NoMoreHits , creates a wonderful track !!! Cosmic atmosphere and groovin 707 . The sound reminds at the glorious "Double Fantasy" . )" Syncrophone

Interference Zones: Redcell

"Only bought this record as its worth a bit. I was going to sell it on but what a mistake that would have been. Interim is one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard. It is a very misleading track also. It begins with a real lush chords and scat like beats, then the lead parts enter and create a very emotive soundscape. Creating a beautiful electronica tune. This continues throughout the song, then, halfway in the beats are added to create a track thats just perfect for the dancefloor. A amazing set opener in my opinion." phrasedjs

Interference Zones: Jeff Mills

"One of the best axis releases if you ask me. the title track really gets under your skin... humana on b2 is the real great one for me here. it feels like your traveling at light speed, firing laserbeams at other spaceships or something... wel anyway, it's great :D" deckard

lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Tal M. Klein - House On The Left - Aniligital 040

a1. House on the left
b1. House on the left (bicep remix)
b2. House on the left (earwig remix)

"Tal M. Klein’s ‘House On The Left’ is the second single from his forthcoming Exhaustasaurus LP. The name of the composition implies the track is left-field of house. Jazz guitars lead the way for brooding pads and syncopated synths over deep beats. In short: a great moody tune!" Research Deluxe

Suspect - The Tevo Howard Files - Thug 004

a1 Bleeding For Your (Tevo Howard remix)
b1 Looking Down (Tevo Howard remix)
b2 Stretched (Tevo Howard remix)  

"Part 2 of 3 of the remix package taken from the triple vinyl album 'Unfinished Business' by Suspect - [Thug Records] As the apocalypse rages on, communications expert Tevo Howard has be assigned to help develop a strategy that can end the terror. With no known footage or visual sightings of Suspect, tracking the enigma responsible for launching the virus known only as 'Unfinished Business remains difficult. The survival of humanity sits on a knife edge. The virus has been efficient in its ability to morph and remain undetected. Previous vaccine’s have only helped slow the rapid spread of the virus. Now a new hope beacons… the resistance is armed with 3 new bio weapons which have been developed from original strains of Suspect’s material. Transmitted via an injection of analog drum machines, dark rave synthesis and Tevo Howard’s unique arrangement techniques, the Thug 004 remix package adds new weight to humanities plight for survival." Word and Sound

Deep Space Orchestra - Inside Out - Winding Road 026

" 3 tracks and a Revenge remix make this 12" a tasty package. Deep loopy House for fans of Soundstream and Delusions of Grandeur. Well rounded basslines and big melodies keep this a dancefloor winner." Phonica

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Delano Smith - Direct Drive - Mixmode 09

a1. Direct Drive
a2. My Life

"Detroit house don Delano Smith returns to his own Mixmode imprint with a great set of tracks. Reduced and swinging, 'Direct Drive' is a techno-flavoured deep house piece that's sure to set any dance-floor alight, while 'My Life' combines melancholic pads and pumping beats. Class." Zero''

The Abstract Eye - Cool Warm Divine - Valentine Connexion SIGN 3

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Mike Dehnert - MD2.3


"The third release of MD2. After the Red labelled MD2 and the Red/Black labelled MD2.2 its an all black labelled MD2.3. A 4 track ep with 4 straight techno tracks that are raw and effective!" Clone

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Acquiescence / Fake Left - Nocturnal Wave - iS Records 001

A - Acquiescence - Nocturnal Wave
B - Fake Left - Roots In The Sky

"Very smart debut from Edinburgh's Nocturnal Wave, concocting his own blend of deep-end Detroit and Chicago signatures on two unique grooves. The strikingly punchy and metallic sound sphere of 'Acquiescence' has recently caught the attentions of Linkwood, Jus-Ed and the Deep Space Orchestra, and to us sounds something like that Space System 12" on Optimo, only sculpted from pure mercury. On the flip 'Roots In The Sky' hits a furrow of freakin' heavyweight Mr Fingers basslines and Omar S-style Detroit ruffige." Boomkat

Hour House Is Your Rush mixed by Tevo Howard


1. Snuff Crew - Feel Inside
2. Snuff Crew - Slam It
3. KiNK & Neville Watson - Inside Out
4. KiNK - Traffic
5. KiNK & Neville Watson - Blueprint
6. Gene Hunt - I Know You Care
7. Gene Hunt - Xylo Maze
8. Gene Hunt & Ron Hardy - Throwback 87
9. Marcello Napoletano - Everyday Madness
10. Ricardo Miranda - Black Acid (Legowelt remix)
11. Ricardo Miranda - Black Acid (Original)
12. Tevo Howard - Crystal Republic
13. Rick Howard - About Fourteen (remix)
14. Tevo Howard - Laboratory
15. Tevo Howard - Data (Long Version)

Tevo Howard HHYR mix by rushhourrecords

Virgo Four - Legowelt Resurrection Megamix

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Chicago Skyway,Specter & Chicago Deep Live Acid

Quantec - Imaginary Flight - Millions of Moments MOM006

A1 - Sub-System
B1 - Substratum
B2 - Easing Of Tension

"Four tracks of plush Dub House on handstamped transparent vinyl. We could have sworn Quantec had released on MoM before, but aside from his Aaron Carl remix this is his 1st solo 12" for the label. No major change to his style, just thick, dreamy House rhythms rendered in spacious, minimalist dub style." Boomkat

Saturn v / Traxx / Dmc - Rhythm Relics - Nation Records 009

A - Saturn V - The Fresh Heir
B - Traxx/DMC - Modem

"Saturn V (Traxx & James T Cotton) turn out a sick Wave dipped bomb (live playing / no samples!), while Traxx/DMC enter Bleep warehouse style territory with dark acid vocals..." Rush Hour

Lawrence - Sorry sun - Smallville 22

A1 - Just Like Heaven
A2 - Old Joy
B1 - Sorry Sun

"Warm smooth house tracks by Hamburg's Lawrence. Sorry Sun, here comes the Night." Clone

Tom Trago - Datatransmission Podcast

Mr Fingers - Washing Machine - Alleviated ML9002

A1 - Washing Machine
A2 -
Can You Feel It
B1 -
Beyond The Clouds

Official re-release of Larry Heards ground breaking, genre defining release from 1986. Digitally remastered full versions on his own Alleviated records. Includes the timeless Can You Feel It, Wishing Machine and Beyond The Clouds. Your chance to show some love to Larry Heard and to own a piece of the foundation of House music. After so many years these tracks still have that magic!" Clone

Recondite - Plan#001 - Plangent Records

A1 - Intro
A2 - Robur
B1 - Unterholz
B2 - Decamp

"Four tracks of deep techno that is a collection of snapshots of Recondite's daily live. Somehow melancholic, adventurous and lush tracks that also can be found in the productions of labels such as Dial." Clone

Rick 'Poppa' Howard - Do What You Have To Do - Hour House Is Your Rush 13

a1. Do what you have to do (vox)
b1. Do what you have to do (instr)

"The Howard dynasty delivers again - Howard's Way Chi-town house on Hour House Is Your Rush. Tevo hooks up with his pops and the pair come up with another of their deeply soulful tech-tinted house numbers, with Rick on vocals and Tevo on production. It's another must-have from the Howard camp." Piccadilly

BNJMN - Plastic World - Rush Hour RH DC 7

1. Blocks
2. Wheels In Motion
3. Tunnel Flight
4. Fire In The Hole
5. Plastic World
6. Traditions
7. See Thru Stars
8. Depressure
9. Ocean Spray
10. Miniature Steps

"While on one hand his music has a traditional sound (early 90's UK), BNJMN does create a world of his own due to the versatility in his productions. It is this versatility that creates an exciting hybrid sound, therefore pushing the envelope and making it sound very current, future even." Rush Hour

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Lucretio - Range Gate - Machines State 001

A1 - Curfew
A2 - The Peace
B1 - A Mountain
B2 - Albatross

"Machines State is Lucretio’s own label. All the tracks are produced only with Hardware Machines, mixed on Analogue Desks, recorded on Tape and released on Vinyl Polymers. Lucretio is one of the founders of Restoration and Appointment Records" Dnp

Mike Huckaby show - Cjam Detroit 99.1FM Feb 2011


1. Agnes - Calvingrad, Boring City (Digs' Dames Agnes Mellers remix) [Ornate Music]
2. Iron Curtis - Till You Go (Baaz remix) [Morris Audio]
3. Rick Wade - Pleasure Craft [Shanti]
4. Rick Wade - Whistle Bump Track [Harmonie Park]
5. Norm Talley - Change (Mike Huckaby 2010 Remix) [Third Ear]
6. Alex Agore - Improper Change [No Matter What]
7. Baaz - Black Pattern [Quintessentials]
8. Ernie - Soul Of The Night [Minuendo]
9. Nacho Marco - Delicate [We Play House]
10. Ladzinski - All Night [Boe Recordings]
11. Nick Lawson - You Look Good [Morris Audio Citysport Edition]
12. Dubbyman - King Of Motown (W&P HGG Remix) [Cornuta Sound]
13. San Soda - Just In [We Play House]

Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12

A1 - Track 1
B1 - Track 2
B2 - Track 3

"The master of modern, abstract and deeply arresting House & Techno drops his third 12" for Workshop - the home of his very best releases. The longer A-side is something special; a mesmerizing piece of decepetively raw, bass-boosted and noirish House music with trapped loops of tension raising Hermann-esque strings, cyber-sensual vox and creepy, half-heard nuance. The flip is built to jack, deep styles, one track deploying depressed square bass cloaked in hovering twilight synth, and a last gasp of tumultuous deep space techno drama." Boomkat

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Ryo Murakami - Monophonic - Pan Records 01

A1 - Lunch Of God (Stereociti Remix)
A2 - Plantet
B1 - Cloud
B2 - Monophonic

"Ryo Murakami, labelowner of Panrecords releases a new 4 track ep that contains a remix of Lunch of god by STEREOCiTI (Mojuba /from Tokyo) which has a deeply atmosphere. Next track is very deep and has slowly beats its a very dub track from start to end. The last track has a synth phrase and some voice left to the head is impressive. " Decks

Model 500 - Ofi (Remixes) - R&S RS 1006RMX

A - Ofi (Bullion mix)
B -
Ofi (Space Dimension Controller mix)

"Model 500 returned to R&S in 2010, with their first release for the label in eleven years, and the first with the new line up of Juan Atkins, Mike Banks and Mark Taylor. Their Ofi track got remixed by two young guys who quickly established themself with their unique sounds, Space Dimension Controller and Bullion." Clone

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716 Exclusive Mix - James T Cotton

BrokenLoop TV Show 06-02-11

Werner/Hitchell/Traxx - Fractal Rip - Antenna International ANT08

A - Werner & Hitchell - Fractal Rip
B -
Traxx - Introspective (Prelides & Nocturnes version)

"Two deep and deadly jack sojourns from Echospace's Steve Hitchell and Chicago stalwart Josh Werner! They've found a terrifically mean streak of form with this 12", dropping the heat-seeking jack of 'Fractal Rip' on the A-side, built with chewed-up 303 bass gurgles and ruff-cut machine rhythms to help even the most uncoordinated warehouse dweller find their perk. On the flip they offer a harrowing 'Preludes & Nocturnes' version of 'Introspective' from Traxx's 'Faith' disc, refracting it through Hitchell's matrix of filters, delays, and assorted vintage FX until it emerges zombified and harrowed, like some darkwave proto-house gem that's been cowering in the corner of Jamal Moss's basment for the last 25 years." Nation Records

Inward Content - Inward Content - Meanwhile 021

a1. Halogen
b1. Austere
b2. Quantum Mechanics
c1. Continuum Mechanics
d1. Gravitational Collapse
d2. Dust

"Meanwhile unveils Inward Content by Inward Content a highly anticipated album project for 2011. Recorded specially for the label by a couple of highly regarded dutch producers, namely Niels Luinenberg (Delta Funktionen) and Samuel van Dijk (Mohlao) made together over the course of a two year period" Fade

Erell Ranson - Everything Needs To Be Clear - aDepth Audio 004

A1 Everything Needs to Be Clear
A2 So Strange to Explain
B1 Everything Needs to Be Clear (Rennie Foster’s Deep Clarification)
B2 Sandcastle

"The 4 track EP begins with Erell’s original version of ‘Everything Needs to Be Clear’. Its combination of gentle chords with electro beats is the foundation of the musical ideas explored throughout this release. The second track, ‘So strange to explain’, is deeper and an adventurous fusion of dark, intense tones, swirling beats and insistent percussion. On the flipside, Canadian Rennie Foster remixes the title track, and delivers a fine piece of modern dancefloor techno which respects the key elements of title track. Erell’s ‘Sandcastle’ closes the EP, and its sophisticated yet punchy bassline and fragile synths recall some classic early ‘90s productions." Diamonds and Pearls

Splice - Den Andra Farden - Farden 002

1 - Cobra
2 - One Hundred
3 - Trouble

"Second release from Färden featuring the debut from Splice – a solo project from one of the guys in Skudge. This is some really pure and beautiful techno." Clone

Skudge - Skudge (remixes) part 3 - SKUDGE 003R

A - Ontic (Rolando Understands remix)
B - Convolution (2562 remix)

"This time Rolando and 2562 (A Made Up Sound) contributes with remixes of Ontic and Convolution. Rolando takes Ontic into a deeper level with a cool vocal, the perfect groove and his nice sizzling shaker. 2562's version of Convolution is a true dubstep makeover. As well as Rolando he uses a lot of elements from the original and makes it to his own special journey" Clone

Kowton - She Don't Jack - Idle Hands 005

a. She Don't Jack
b. Drunk On Sunday

"On this one 'She Don't Jack' sticks with the sub-120bpm pace, furnishing his Bristol House with Terminator synth gazes, needly hi-hats and a beautifully restrained, offset bassline keeping his dark funk tucked firmly in the pocket. Staying minimal and menacing but with an acute dose of rudeness 'Drunk On A Sunday' sounds like Sleeparchive just got horny and decided to swing his hips for a change, inflating a fat-assed subbass under clinically crisp percussion and lights-out synth wipes." Boomkat

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Malcolm Moore - Yours In Deepness Vol 1 - Altered Moods AMR-20R

A1 - Touch Me" (introlude)
A2 - Everything
A3 - Trusting
B1 - T'estimo (Just A Ghost 2 U
B2 - Juswannabeclose
B3 -
Lookin' U In The I (Dreamily)

"Altered Moods boss Malcolm Moore releases the first solo EP under his own name, with the lush soundscapes of Yours In Deepness Volume 1. From the dreamy "Introlude" through to the orchestral strings and barely-there beat on "Everything" and gentle woodwind assisted shuffle of "Trusting", Moore shows himself to be a capable hand when it comes to the deeper end of house. The moody, introspective vibe is maintained on the flip, with the gentle chiming melody of "Juswannabeclose" a particular highlight. " Juno

Steffi - Yours & Mine - Ostgut Ton - OSTGUTCD16

1 - Lilo
2 - Piem
3 - Yours (feat Virginia)
4 - Arms
5 - Manic Moods
6 - Mine
7 - Nightspacer
8 - Your Own My Mind
9 - Moving Lips

"Superbly clean and classic sounding debut album from Panorama Bar resident and all round House music dynamo, Steffi. Since 2000 Steffi has run the ace Klakson label with Dexter, responsible for the era defining releases 'I Don't Care', and since last year she's branched out with the Dolly label, home to vital vinyl from Dexter, Jakob Korn and Tyrez. Her own productions have only emerged in the last couple of years, landing on Ostgut Ton and UQ, showcasing a supple, simple and highly effective style of deeper modern house music. All nine cuts on 'Yours & Mine' are exclusive to the album, featuring two superior vocal tracks with Virginia (vocalist for Steve Bug and Abe Duque a.o), the Detroit-tempered 'Yours' and the deliciously moody 'You Own My Mind', next to the beautifully toned square bass workout 'Arms', the purposeful late night jack of 'Manic Moods' and the synthual Berlin sehnsucht of 'Nightspacer'. It' surely no overstatement to say this is one of the most beautifully accomplished releases on Ostgut Ton, and a total must have for fans of sophisticated, classically-informed Berlin House music. " Boomkat

Ssg Special - Kowton

Tin Man - Acid Test - Absurd Recordings - ASD015

A1 - Nonneo
A2 - Accumulated Acid
B1 - Nonneo (Donato Dozzy Remix)

"Tin Man releases are seriously prized possessions around these parts. His first release since the ace 'Scared' LP on White Denim features a pair of superb instrumental acid numbers backed with an outstanding remix by Donato Dozzy. 'Nonneo' is very much in the vein of his earlier releases for Global A and Keys Of Life, masterfully enveloping exotic House drums with rubbed and teased acid melodies in distinguished fashion. 'Accumulated Acid' is perhaps closer to his more recent experiments, a slow and craftily half-stepped acid progression with clinical production values. the master of Italian sleep-techno, Donato Dozzy, gives an anaesthetised remix of 'Nonneo' on the flip, numbing the drums for a more reserved, hypnotic and druggy effect." Boomkat

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Hieroglyphic Being - Calling Planet Earth - Mathematics MATHPLUS 07

A1 - Calling Planet Earth
B1 - The Magic City
B2 - Conversations In An Analog Dialect (A Sun Ra Homage)

"Beamed from his mind via VHS onto hand-stamped white label vinyl, three far-gone cuts from Jamal Moss aka Hieroglyphic Being. The longform title track unleashes a torrent of distorted jakk patterns and freakin' noisy synths for deadly dancefloor discombobulations, while the flipside 'The Magic City' chews up relentless machine codes and cryptic synth motifs. 'Conversations In An Analog Dialect' completes this turn with a gracious nod to the equally far-gone Sun Ra." Boomkat

Download - Aril Brikha - Rising Sun

"Swedish-Iranian producer Aril Brikha has been hard at work crafting his own niche into the austere world of techno music since the spritely age of 16, and now, nearly 19 years later, the multi-faceted artist has not only made his mark in the US, Europe, and beyond, but he's also started his own label, Art of Vengeance. Just released on Brikha's imprint is a re-issue of his first LP from back in 2000, Deeparture In Time, a 10-track album that now comes with an extra disc of previously unreleased music that the musician crafted between 1995 and 1999. "Rising Sun" is a fine example of those warm, classic sounds; its deep techno vibes reference the Detroit-born sounds that first inspired Brikha to make music, while simultaneously standing as an unheard precursor to the kinds of club music we love to get down to today. " XLR8R

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Lerosa/Mark Du Mosch/Meschi/Automatic Tasty - House Expressions - Lunar Disko 07

A1 - Lerosa - Longing
A2 - Mark Du Mosch - Blessings
B1 - Meschi - Concrete Island
B2 - Automatic Tasty - Welcome Ohm Luv

"Lunar Disko turned Lunar House Records with this stellar compilation of 4 tracks including Mark du Mosch (!), Lerosa, Meschi and Automatic Tasty. Dublin, Rotterdam, Glasgow and Wicklow all on one great ep" Clone

Inigo Kennedy @ TS0002, London - 29/01/2011


death abyss - crossing the abyss [mak029]
samuli kemppi - bang [mrecltd006]
lucy - beautiful people [mote019]
planetary assault systems - gt (p.a.s drone sector remix) [mote018]
sandwell district - hunting lodge [sd2x1201]
jolka - five (surgeon remix) [sect6r]
submerge - black mamba (original mix) [mote016]
samuli kemppi - bounce [mrecltd006]
marcel fengler - thwack [mote017]
death abyss - jonathan e v2 [mak029]
jeff mills - radiation storm [xecd-1122]
the end of all existance (a2) [end000]
justin berkovi - backshredding (forward strategy group remix) [perctrax]
reality or nothing - untitled (ch signal mix) [rsb9]
jeff mills - the visitor [xecd-1122]
shutter - natterjack (a1) [hem001]
coefficient - inverse resonance [duality002d]
inigo kennedy - untitled (2010_12_05) [unreleased]
lucy - happiness is a prison [mote019]
jeff mills - mysterious stars [xecd-1122]
inigo kennedy - albedo [asymp3020]
inigo kennedy - wayang golek [asymp3017]
khoiba - terribly (asymmetric linn version 4) [unreleased]
inigo kennedy - obsidian [token017]
choice - acid eiffel [frg-6]
808 state - flow coma [cat080lp]
autechre - m62 [wap505]
blind summit - motion departure (voidloss paradise beats mix) [sin009]
afx - bodmin 1 [analord06]
clark - ache of the north [warplp162]
inigo kennedy - five ways to move (a1) [asy005]

Marlon Beatt - Detroit Beatdown

CS Podcast 045: Juanpablo

01. ArD2 - Inside The Rock - Frigio
02. Mr.Fingers - Waterfall - Alleviated
03. ArD2(Juanpablo Rmx) - Awakening - Frigio
04. J.T.C. featuring Rodger Devine - The Monolith - Nation
05. Kevin Starke - Need A Bigger Boat - K-Starke
06. Clark - Growls Garden - Warp
07. J/M Strap(Traxx&Josh Werner) - The Owl In Daylight - Frigio
08. Dj F - Calma 1 - Titans Halo
09. Arcanoid - Isonoe - Semantica
10. Model 500 - Huesca - R&S
11. UHU - Planet Bay - Frigio
12. Funckarma - Hawking Radiation - Eat Concrete
13. Omar S - Mid 90´s - Fxhe
14. Juanpablo - Midas Land - Frigio
15. Hardfloor (E.R.P. Remixes)– The Texas Trill Mixes (Track1)– Hardfloor
16. Juanpablo(J.T.C. Rmx)- Dream - Frigio
17. Jeff Mills - Something in the Sky 3 (Track 3) - Something In The Sky
18. Lektroluxe - Mute City - Frigio
19. Shed - My R-Class - Ostgut Ton
20. ArD2(Heinrich Mueller Rmx) - Inside The Rock - Frigio

CRC vs. Myon - Strings & Harmonies - Heliocentric 004

A - Myon - Blue Harmony
B1 - CRC - People Of The Mounds
B2 - CRC - Polyhymnia

"In early 2011, CRC, one half of Finland’s red-hot Electro-duo Morphology, returns to Heliocentric Music with two new blistering tracks in the vein of famous 90ies UK-IDM Techno like B12 or Nuron/Likemind. The contribution by Myon is a 9-minute cut with huge basslines and strings that will rock your socks off! After the big success of their previous combined release, CRC and Myon team up again to deliver a record, which is highly inspired by Detroit-Techno in general and contains lots of… Strings & Harmonies!" Diamondsandpearls

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martes, 1 de febrero de 2011

Anton Zap - Water - Ethereal Sound 008

A - Water
B - Road Trip Song

"Anton Zap returns with another great 12" on his own Ethereal Sound imprint. Deep aquatic techno that gently pulsates, creating wonderfully enveloping atmospheres" Phonica

Desolate - The Invisible Insurrection- Fauxpas Musik 001

A1 - Imagination
A2 - Follow Suit
A3 - Cathartic
A4 - Farewell #1
A5 - Aviance
B1 - Pain
B2 - Divinus
B3 - Farewell #2
B4 - Avian Flu

01 - Imagination
02 - Follow Suit
03 - Cathartic
04 - Farewell #1
05 - Aviance
06 - Pain
07 - Divinus
08 - Farewell #2
09 - Escape
10 - Endurance
11 - In Secret (bonus track)

"Lushly built, beats-driven ambient album from Desolate aka Sven Weissmann. 'The Invisible Insurrection' is in no small part influenced by one Will Bevan aka Burial, taking his mournful urban ennui and swaddling it in the kind of sumptuous atmospheres Sven has formed his reputation on. At first glance it may seem a little obvious, lazy even to wholesale rip another artist's distinctive sound, but upon repeat listens Sven's sincere and effectively heartfelt delivery make it an entirely worthwhile effort. In fact, those who still shirk the Burial albums as being under-produced or somehow inferior in construction, but had a soft spot for its cinematic mood and emotion, will find much to fall in love with here." Boomkat