lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Suspect - The Tevo Howard Files - Thug 004

a1 Bleeding For Your (Tevo Howard remix)
b1 Looking Down (Tevo Howard remix)
b2 Stretched (Tevo Howard remix)  

"Part 2 of 3 of the remix package taken from the triple vinyl album 'Unfinished Business' by Suspect - [Thug Records] As the apocalypse rages on, communications expert Tevo Howard has be assigned to help develop a strategy that can end the terror. With no known footage or visual sightings of Suspect, tracking the enigma responsible for launching the virus known only as 'Unfinished Business remains difficult. The survival of humanity sits on a knife edge. The virus has been efficient in its ability to morph and remain undetected. Previous vaccine’s have only helped slow the rapid spread of the virus. Now a new hope beacons… the resistance is armed with 3 new bio weapons which have been developed from original strains of Suspect’s material. Transmitted via an injection of analog drum machines, dark rave synthesis and Tevo Howard’s unique arrangement techniques, the Thug 004 remix package adds new weight to humanities plight for survival." Word and Sound

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