viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Acquiescence / Fake Left - Nocturnal Wave - iS Records 001

A - Acquiescence - Nocturnal Wave
B - Fake Left - Roots In The Sky

"Very smart debut from Edinburgh's Nocturnal Wave, concocting his own blend of deep-end Detroit and Chicago signatures on two unique grooves. The strikingly punchy and metallic sound sphere of 'Acquiescence' has recently caught the attentions of Linkwood, Jus-Ed and the Deep Space Orchestra, and to us sounds something like that Space System 12" on Optimo, only sculpted from pure mercury. On the flip 'Roots In The Sky' hits a furrow of freakin' heavyweight Mr Fingers basslines and Omar S-style Detroit ruffige." Boomkat

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