lunes, 7 de febrero de 2011

Werner/Hitchell/Traxx - Fractal Rip - Antenna International ANT08

A - Werner & Hitchell - Fractal Rip
B -
Traxx - Introspective (Prelides & Nocturnes version)

"Two deep and deadly jack sojourns from Echospace's Steve Hitchell and Chicago stalwart Josh Werner! They've found a terrifically mean streak of form with this 12", dropping the heat-seeking jack of 'Fractal Rip' on the A-side, built with chewed-up 303 bass gurgles and ruff-cut machine rhythms to help even the most uncoordinated warehouse dweller find their perk. On the flip they offer a harrowing 'Preludes & Nocturnes' version of 'Introspective' from Traxx's 'Faith' disc, refracting it through Hitchell's matrix of filters, delays, and assorted vintage FX until it emerges zombified and harrowed, like some darkwave proto-house gem that's been cowering in the corner of Jamal Moss's basment for the last 25 years." Nation Records

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