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John Daly - Hybrid Life Podcast 14


Mark Henning - Modern Amusement Podcast 007

  1. The Modernist - Dali Bop Horizon [Harvest]
  2. San Proper - Love Baby Love [Dekmantel]
  3. Nina Kraviz - Tanyae [Rekkids]
  4. Kai Alce - Polyester Static [Real Soon]
  5. Los Hermanos - In Deeper Presence [Submerge]
  6. Walt J - Reborn 1 (DJ Qu's Journey Towards Birth Remix) [Curle]
  7. Mark Henning - Furious George [Cityfox]
  8. Robert Hood - And Then We Planned Our Escape [Music Man]
  9. Brooks Mosher - InterMetro [Dolly]
  10. Tobias - She [Perlon]
  11. Martyn - Seventy Four (Redshape Remix) [3024]
  12. Madteo - Untitled 1 [Workshop]
  13. Corrugated Tunnel - Transist (Donnacha Costello Remix) [Process] 
Mark Henning - Modern Amusement Podcast 007 (March 2011) by mark henning

Roman Flügel - Pulse Radio Podcast 021


  1. Marco D'Aquino - Thiago (Mark E Remix) [Bosconi]
  2. John Mc Million - Solette Simms (San Proper's Movetek Mix) [Nu Earth Kitchen]
  3. Dance Or Die Essentials - A1 [Balance]
  4. Ulysses - Acid Reflux [Throne Of Blood]
  5. Pteractil Disco - Big Ass Biscuits [Hot Creations]
  6. Marco Passarani - White Dwarf [Running Back]
  7. Deniz Kurtel - The L Word Feat. Jada [Crosstown Rebels]
  8. LoSoul - Up The Beach (Altered Vibe Mix By Brothers Vibe) [Playhouse]
  9. Ramadanman & Appleblim - Void 23 (Carl Craig Re-Edit) [Aus]
  10. Anthony Shake Shakir - Travellers (Mrsk Remix) [Rush Hour]
  11. DJ Qu - Alone I See [Inmeg]
  12. Marcel Dettmann - Factory Report One [Kontra Musik]
  13. Strada Sound Effects [Running Back] 

martes, 22 de marzo de 2011

Amnesia, Ibiza 1989

"This is special. It’s a film from the closing party of Amnesia in Ibiza, 3rd of October ’89. It’s probably the best thing I’ve seen for summing up what it was like. The club looks truly amazing, and Alfredo is the DJ (of course). There’s an Adamski live PA in the first clip and then on from there with Alfredo playing anything from Inner City to Bob Marley, Pink Floyd and Enya in the final clip. Classic." Test Pressing

viernes, 11 de marzo de 2011

Marvin Belton - Love Will Find A Way - Ferrispark 031

"More beautifully crafted deep house from Detroit soul singer Marvin Belton. Recorded in the Motor City soon after ‘Bleed To Be Free’, this single is soon to be another underground classic. 3 versions including a 808 & 303 Dub for late-night dance floors…" Syncrophone


Joe Drive - RD 2452 - Mathematics 048

a1. "Vanguard"
a2. "Azimuth"
a3. "Towards The Light"
b1. "The Uranus Effect"
b2. "A Zenith Criteria"
b3. "Rd 2452"

" New addition to the Mathematics roster with a splendid EP of house and techno. "Vanguard" opens with an atmospheric groove followed by "Azimuth" & the deep acid cut "Towards the light". "The Uranus effect" starts the flip before "A zenith criteria" & ends with the bangin "RD-2452"" Rush Hour

Tazz - Underground 07 - Tsuba 026

a1. Underground 07
b1. Underground 12

"The second Tsuba Limited 12" comes from Underground Quality artist Tazz and it's two tracks of raw and, as the title suggests, underground house cuts at its best. The first Tsuba Limited - by Rio Padice if you're bad with names - sold out in 1 week. This one's even hotter. There will be no repress and these tracks will not appear digitally. Don't sleep? No. Don't sleep." Phonica

Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy / Tr Nch & Iori - 61 Center Returning Vol 3 - Time To Express 014

a1. Peter Van Hoesen & Donato Dozzy - "Elektra"
b1. Tr Nch & Iori - "Barreleye"

" Time To Express returns to the center, once again. Number 14 on the label presents old and new on one disk. Both tracks feature a collaboration. The A side track 'Elektra' sees Italian techno maestro Donato Dozzy team up with Time To Expres label head Peter Van Hoesen. With 'Barreleye' Dave Twomey aka Tr nch and Phonica White's very own Japanese deep techno supremo Iori Asano take up the B side, and what a track it is!!!!" Phonica

Marko Fürstenberg & Luke Hess: Detroit Meets Halle


jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Motor City Drum Ensemble / Hundred 20 / Creative Swing Alliance - Monorail - MCDE 1206/07

a1. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Monorail"
b1. Hundred 20 - "Upper Alley"
b2. Hundred 20 - "Summer Of 89"
c1. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "Monorail" (John Roberts remix)
c2. Motor City Drum Ensemble - "There's A Truth" (feat. Stee Downes)
d1. Creative Swing Alliance - "Now (Loving You)"

"Fine oldschool-not-oldschool house" Hardwax

Brawther - Remixes - Balance 013

A1 – Le Voyage [Module Mix]     
A2 – Ron & Chez D’s KMS 54
B1 – Asteroids & Stardust The Classic Revamp*
B2 – Gaél Kinsungila’s Life

"This new release includes Brawther takes his added interpretation of “Chez N Trent “ Don’t tryit/Happy” while keeping its original production. Creatively done in good classic dub taste. Included in this remix package a new remix of the underground techno cut “Le Voyage” which has now been given the house treatment. It keeps getting better as Brawther also add to this smash 12” inch his own interpretation of the current Balance release of “Saint Sebastion / Wipe the Needle “Life” and a added bonus and remix of “Asteroids and Stardust” by Chez Damier, every cut on this n release will appeal many rooms and programming for anytime of the night." Syncrophone

Genius Of Time - Drifting Back - Royal Oak 07

a1. Drifting Back
b1. Houston We Have A Problem
b2. Yuxtapose

"After Space Dimension Controller the Clone Royal Oak series is coming with another young talent. This time its Swedish Genius Of Time, known for their debut release on Aniara records. Three takes on classic house music done by young producers in their unique almost serene style that reveal their nordic roots. Genius Of Time shows that house music can still sound fresh. The B side track, "Houston We Have A Problem" is an interesting & lush house track based around the bassline (& vocal samples) of Whitney Houston "Million Dollar Bill"!" Phonica

Interference Zones: The Beloved

Remix, Producer [Additional] Mark Pritchard, Tom Middleton

Hakim Murphy: Keep It Deep Guest Mix


00:00 | NSNT PRJCT [We Invented This] Wild Oats | WO-N5NT
02:58 | Non Stope [House Nation] KStarke Records |KR003
06:38 | Steven Tang [Over Easy] Altered Moods Recordings | AMR25R
09:47 | Hakim Murphy [Pulsate Phosphorus] Machining Dreams | mdreams004 *
14:35 | Macello Napoletano [Fuck This Machines] Unreleased | -------
20:48 | Marcellus pittman [Unirhythm Green vol. 1 (TOM Remix)] Unirhythm |uni1001
22:38 | DJ Spider [Dystopia] Machining Dreams | mdreams004 *
26:19 | Hakim Murphy [Creeper] unreleased | -------
30:06 | The Maniacs [Love Eternal] Nation | NAT008
33:40 | IAMTHATIAM [The Long Road To Redemtion] Fit Sound | Fit002
37:05 | NSNT PRJCT [Tr4mps] Wild Oats | WO-N5NT
40:10 | G. Marcell [Excites Me] Machining Dreams | mdreams004 *
45:25 | Miles Sagnia [Can We Heal Them] Atmospheric Existence | AER03 *
49:30 | Amir Alexander and Dakini9 [Black Ops] Machining Dreams | mdreams004 *
53:27 | Specter [Short Stack] Altered Moods Recordings | AMR25R
57:25 | Amp Dog Knight's [I'm Doing Fine] Mahogani Muisc | Mahogani M1
61:24 | Amir Alexander [The Abyss] Machining Dreams | mdreams005 *
66:00 | Avondale Music Society [You Suck] Synapsis Records | Synapsis005 *

* Denotes upcoming releases.

Hakim Murphy - Snowstorm (Keep It Deep Guest Mix) by keep-it-deep

miércoles, 9 de marzo de 2011

Interference Zones: Omar-S

"Night suffers from a bad mixdown, there's all kinds of farty kick drums and all the melodies and atmospheres are buried underneath them. All is forgiven with Day, however, which will become a huge Detroit house anthem. A simple house beat and bassline rolls on and on while a short looped sample of the Supremes' "Come See About Me" rises and falls hipnotically in the mix. Super simple sample based Detroit house in the vein of Agent X's "In The Morning", this will blow up dancefloors for sure." Pipecock

Vakula - Saturday - 3rd Strike 6

a1. Gospel Keyboards
a2. Touch
b1. Crossing
b2. Saturday

"For this release Vakula has teamed with live musicians and it definitely shows: maybe his musically most realized release yet. 4 equally fantastic, jazz-drenched deephouse tunes, absolutely timeless stuff!" Phonica

Ike - Supernatural - Philpot 051

a1. The Mojo
b1. Supernatural
b2. Ribbons

"The new IKE experience delivers three pieces of pure rawness again. Some claustrophobic soul, a reminiscence of the airwave-godfather himself and a jackin’ tool prove the projects variety once again." Phonica

George Fitzgerald

Throwing Snow - Cronos (George FitzGerald Remix) by George FitzGerald

We Bilateral by George FitzGerald

The OliverWho Factory - Galactic Transit - Rush Hour 033

" Hot slice of raw and dirty house music! The OliverWho Factory that reminds us of their great early works on their own label." Clone

FaltyDL - "Gospel of Opal" (Feat. Anneka)

martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Anton Zap: Little White Earbuds Podcast 076


01. Benjamin Brunn, “Hero” [Ethereal Sound*]
02. Joe Drive, “Nephti” [Ethereal Sound*]
03. Anton Zap, “Miles and More” [white*]
04. Nenad Marcovic, “Coney Island” [Ethereal Sound*]
05. Vakula, “Uliyanochka” [white*]
06. Yuri Shulgin, “Flow” [Ethereal Sound*]
07. Evgeny Light, “Public Library Square” [Simphonic Silence Inside]
08. Eject Project, “One” [Citadel Records]
* denotes tracks which, as of the time of publishing, are unreleased

Skudge - Phantom - Skudge 01

a1. Ursa Major
a2. In Between
a3. Sandblast
b1. Eleven
b2. Downtown
b3. Vanisher
c1. Realtime
c2. Pressure Drop
c3. Blackout
d1. Shivers
d2. Phantom
d3. Modular Storm

"Little is known about Skudge, and we kind of get the feeling they like it that way, ensuring that the focus remains on their music rather than identity. All of the releases to date have for the most part been preceded by variations on the word essential, not least the latest round of remixes from 2562 and UR type Rolando with the former doing a particularly stellar job on twisting “Convolution” aka The Theme From Skudge into his own distinct template, retaining the fractured diva utterings but carving out a jagged metallic rhythm that’s driven by shards of evil bass insurgency." Juno

The Mafia Sauce Killers - L.S.D. - Deep Explorer Digital 09

"Is deep…is acid…its deep…its acid…its deep…its acid…" Deep Explorer

Sun Ra - The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol 1 - Kindred Spirits 01

a1. UFO
b1. Antique Blacks

"This month sees the release of The Mike Huckaby Reel To Reel Edits Vol.1, the first instalment in a projected series of 12″s which finds our man in his absolute element – reworking his jazz favourites. The first artist to go under the scalpel is Sun Ra, with his classic pieces ‘UFO’ and ‘Antique Blacks’. These are edits in the purest sense of the word, respectful of the source material, Huckaby simply tweaking and re-structuring the original’s instrumental elements so that they’re more DJ-friendly and danceable." Fact

viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Tevo Howard - The Drum Machine Man - Tevo Howard Recordings 001

1. Arena
2. Systematic Journey
3. Mechanical Disco Heart
4. Global Communication

"Music is a language: It concerns and uses the positing and dis-positing of sound to make a statement, or to create a dialogue. One such example is called “Call and Response,” which is a term used to describe a juxtaposition between two musical phrases. This type of musical structure, specifically, involves the usage of ‘questions and answers’ as they are referred to in theoretical music theory form (See resolution and dissonance)." Tevo Howard

Kerrier District - Kerrier District 3 - Sound Of Speed 09

a1. Needy Feelin
a2. Disco Theme
b1. Kiss My Bass 
b2. Dick  

"After 1 year of the Luke Vibert's Dilla Tribute album 'The Rhythm'. Sound Of Speed & Jazzy Sport cooperate and release the new of Luke Vibert 's House/Boogie/Disco project "Kerrier District". TIP! " Rush Hour 

martes, 22 de febrero de 2011

Marcello Napoletano / Carl Bias / Joe Drive / Nicholas - Underground Dance - Hotmix 001

A1: Marcello Napoletano Ft Simoncino “Target House”
A2: Carl Bias “I Feel It”  
B1: Joe Drive « Underrated Love »
B2: Nicholas « Chi-Town Track »

"Obscure label created by Nick Anthony Simoncino . 300 limited copies , no reprints and vinyl only !!!Marcello Napoletano feat. Simoncino - Target House . ( Marcello Napoletano is one of the great producers in the world , this feat with the young and talented Simoncino , create "Target House", inspired by the works in 1986 / 87 of the great Joe Lewis . )Carl Bias - I Feel It  .( From the legendary group Master C & J !!! What about him...A true legend ! "I Feel It" is a great track , heart and class , deep bassline , 909 grooving and enveloping melody . )Joe Drive - Underrated Love . ( Obscure and beautifull track by the talent Napolitan just released on Mathematics . This track remind of the first productions on Antima and Calypso early 90's ! . )Nicholas - Chi-Town Track . ( The man Nicholas , from the grat Italian label NoMoreHits , creates a wonderful track !!! Cosmic atmosphere and groovin 707 . The sound reminds at the glorious "Double Fantasy" . )" Syncrophone

Interference Zones: Redcell

"Only bought this record as its worth a bit. I was going to sell it on but what a mistake that would have been. Interim is one of the most beautiful pieces of music i have ever heard. It is a very misleading track also. It begins with a real lush chords and scat like beats, then the lead parts enter and create a very emotive soundscape. Creating a beautiful electronica tune. This continues throughout the song, then, halfway in the beats are added to create a track thats just perfect for the dancefloor. A amazing set opener in my opinion." phrasedjs

Interference Zones: Jeff Mills

"One of the best axis releases if you ask me. the title track really gets under your skin... humana on b2 is the real great one for me here. it feels like your traveling at light speed, firing laserbeams at other spaceships or something... wel anyway, it's great :D" deckard

lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Tal M. Klein - House On The Left - Aniligital 040

a1. House on the left
b1. House on the left (bicep remix)
b2. House on the left (earwig remix)

"Tal M. Klein’s ‘House On The Left’ is the second single from his forthcoming Exhaustasaurus LP. The name of the composition implies the track is left-field of house. Jazz guitars lead the way for brooding pads and syncopated synths over deep beats. In short: a great moody tune!" Research Deluxe

Suspect - The Tevo Howard Files - Thug 004

a1 Bleeding For Your (Tevo Howard remix)
b1 Looking Down (Tevo Howard remix)
b2 Stretched (Tevo Howard remix)  

"Part 2 of 3 of the remix package taken from the triple vinyl album 'Unfinished Business' by Suspect - [Thug Records] As the apocalypse rages on, communications expert Tevo Howard has be assigned to help develop a strategy that can end the terror. With no known footage or visual sightings of Suspect, tracking the enigma responsible for launching the virus known only as 'Unfinished Business remains difficult. The survival of humanity sits on a knife edge. The virus has been efficient in its ability to morph and remain undetected. Previous vaccine’s have only helped slow the rapid spread of the virus. Now a new hope beacons… the resistance is armed with 3 new bio weapons which have been developed from original strains of Suspect’s material. Transmitted via an injection of analog drum machines, dark rave synthesis and Tevo Howard’s unique arrangement techniques, the Thug 004 remix package adds new weight to humanities plight for survival." Word and Sound

Deep Space Orchestra - Inside Out - Winding Road 026

" 3 tracks and a Revenge remix make this 12" a tasty package. Deep loopy House for fans of Soundstream and Delusions of Grandeur. Well rounded basslines and big melodies keep this a dancefloor winner." Phonica

lunes, 14 de febrero de 2011

Delano Smith - Direct Drive - Mixmode 09

a1. Direct Drive
a2. My Life

"Detroit house don Delano Smith returns to his own Mixmode imprint with a great set of tracks. Reduced and swinging, 'Direct Drive' is a techno-flavoured deep house piece that's sure to set any dance-floor alight, while 'My Life' combines melancholic pads and pumping beats. Class." Zero''

The Abstract Eye - Cool Warm Divine - Valentine Connexion SIGN 3

domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Mike Dehnert - MD2.3


"The third release of MD2. After the Red labelled MD2 and the Red/Black labelled MD2.2 its an all black labelled MD2.3. A 4 track ep with 4 straight techno tracks that are raw and effective!" Clone

viernes, 11 de febrero de 2011

Acquiescence / Fake Left - Nocturnal Wave - iS Records 001

A - Acquiescence - Nocturnal Wave
B - Fake Left - Roots In The Sky

"Very smart debut from Edinburgh's Nocturnal Wave, concocting his own blend of deep-end Detroit and Chicago signatures on two unique grooves. The strikingly punchy and metallic sound sphere of 'Acquiescence' has recently caught the attentions of Linkwood, Jus-Ed and the Deep Space Orchestra, and to us sounds something like that Space System 12" on Optimo, only sculpted from pure mercury. On the flip 'Roots In The Sky' hits a furrow of freakin' heavyweight Mr Fingers basslines and Omar S-style Detroit ruffige." Boomkat

Hour House Is Your Rush mixed by Tevo Howard


1. Snuff Crew - Feel Inside
2. Snuff Crew - Slam It
3. KiNK & Neville Watson - Inside Out
4. KiNK - Traffic
5. KiNK & Neville Watson - Blueprint
6. Gene Hunt - I Know You Care
7. Gene Hunt - Xylo Maze
8. Gene Hunt & Ron Hardy - Throwback 87
9. Marcello Napoletano - Everyday Madness
10. Ricardo Miranda - Black Acid (Legowelt remix)
11. Ricardo Miranda - Black Acid (Original)
12. Tevo Howard - Crystal Republic
13. Rick Howard - About Fourteen (remix)
14. Tevo Howard - Laboratory
15. Tevo Howard - Data (Long Version)

Tevo Howard HHYR mix by rushhourrecords

Virgo Four - Legowelt Resurrection Megamix

jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Chicago Skyway,Specter & Chicago Deep Live Acid

Quantec - Imaginary Flight - Millions of Moments MOM006

A1 - Sub-System
B1 - Substratum
B2 - Easing Of Tension

"Four tracks of plush Dub House on handstamped transparent vinyl. We could have sworn Quantec had released on MoM before, but aside from his Aaron Carl remix this is his 1st solo 12" for the label. No major change to his style, just thick, dreamy House rhythms rendered in spacious, minimalist dub style." Boomkat