martes, 8 de marzo de 2011

Skudge - Phantom - Skudge 01

a1. Ursa Major
a2. In Between
a3. Sandblast
b1. Eleven
b2. Downtown
b3. Vanisher
c1. Realtime
c2. Pressure Drop
c3. Blackout
d1. Shivers
d2. Phantom
d3. Modular Storm

"Little is known about Skudge, and we kind of get the feeling they like it that way, ensuring that the focus remains on their music rather than identity. All of the releases to date have for the most part been preceded by variations on the word essential, not least the latest round of remixes from 2562 and UR type Rolando with the former doing a particularly stellar job on twisting “Convolution” aka The Theme From Skudge into his own distinct template, retaining the fractured diva utterings but carving out a jagged metallic rhythm that’s driven by shards of evil bass insurgency." Juno

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