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Talking Shopcast with Delsin


01. Donato Dozzy, “Untitled” [Further Records]
02. Unknown artist, “Revolution” [white]
03. Iori, “Spaciotemporal” [Phonica White]
04. Bleak, “Isolated” [Sudden Drop]
05. Marcel Dettmann, “Captivate” [Ostgut Ton]
06. Area Forty One, “Untitled” [*]
07. Steve Poindexter, “Born To Freak” [Muzique Records]
08. Photek, “Glamourama” [Virgin Records]
09. Gesloten Cirkel, “Twisted Balloon” [Murder Capital]
10. Mike Dehnert, “MD” [Fachwerk]
11. Geeeman, “Computer Jackin’” [Clone Jack For Daze]
12. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Recordings]
13. Unknown artist, “Lost Tracks” [white]

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Morphology - Urania's Mirror - ZyntaxMotorcity 04

A1 - BIT Space
A2 - Urania's Mirror
B1 - Absence Of Matter
B2 - Origins Of Life
C1 - Hydrus Constellation
C2 - Arcturus
D1 - Eccentricity
D3 - Into The Unknown

"Stunning new album from Morphology, a collaboration from Finland consisting of Michael Diekmann, who also records under the alias CRC and Matti Turunen otherwise known as Näköradiomies. Morphology fuses early electro sounds with haunting melodies to create a deep blend of atmospheric future funk." Clone

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Gunnar Jonsson - Muskelminne - Kontra Musik 014

A - Massagerutin 1
B1 - Morgonanga
B2 -Lilla Huset Pa Prarien

"On his first release, Muskelminne EP, Gunnar delivers an Indian summer love song, Massagerutin 1, some deep and glistering morning music with the track Morgonånga and ends with the raw but perfect bonus beat, Lilla huset på prärien. Or as Gunnar Jonsson puts it: “I just want to have a good time with music, no steroids, no tricks, just some soft grooves and some hardware fun. I love older electronic instruments, the way they look and sound makes me feel good inside and gets me going. Eat healthy and ride a bike between the studio sessions that is Gunnar Jonssons vibe." Clone

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Scion A/V Remix: The Dirtbombs

Scion A/V Remix: The Dirtbombs from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

For their Party Store album (due this winter on In The Red), venerated garage rockers The Dirtbombs recorded covers of techno classics from their native Detroit. As if this live-band-does-electronic-music interpretation wasn’t high concept enough, this EP takes it a step further by having Detroit techno artists re-digitize the results to create their own remixes of The Dirtbombs’ versions. Phew!


1. Sharevari (Omar S Remix)
2. Jaguar (Ectomorph Remix)
3. Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Remix)
4. Sharevari (Original Dirtbombs Version)

The Dirtbombs - Sharevari (Omar S Remix) by ScionAV

The Dirtbombs - Bug In The Bassbin (Kyle Hall Remix) by ScionAV

Scion A/V Presents: Omar S Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

Scion A/V Presents: Kyle Hall Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

Morphosis - What Have We Learned - MOS Recordings MMD-01

01 - Silent Screamer
02 - Spiral
03 - Too Far
04 - Wild In Captivity
05 - Androids Among Us
06 - Gate Of Night
07 - Kawn
08 - Dirty Matter
09 - Ascension
10 - Europa

"Influences range from Krautrock via New Wave but, importantly, all are digested by Morphosis before being re-imagined as something wholly fresh and original which, in turn, stands up well to both dancefloor deployment and intense home listening. What Have We Leaned? That house and techno still have a lot to offer thanks to the likes of Morphosis. " Delsin

D'Marc Cantu - Set Free - Mos Deep 005

A - Set Free
B - Tonight

"After the 2AM/FM release, next up in the 10'' series on MOS_deep is a solo-project of D'Marc Cantu. D' Marc delivers two surprisingly melodic, sexy and hypnotizing housetracks. "Set Free" opens with a hard-hitting flanged bass-sound and a devastating kick and slowly evolves into a dreamy and atmospheric track full of mystery. "Tonight" is a hypnotic and haunting latenight-dancefloor track, combining long stretched melodic stabs, an ultra-deep bassline and D' Marc's whispering vocals taking you down deep in the uncanny and eery underworld of his soul." Delsin

Ricardo Miranda / K Joy - Chicago House Sessions - Noble Square 002

A1 - 77 Monte Carlo
A2 -
77 Monte Carlo (NuBang mix)
B1 - Nite Ridn
B2 - Nite Ridn (Deep Body rub)

"The “CHICAGO HOUSE SESSIONS EP” features vocals by K JOY who’s most known for her work on the classic track “LIKE THIS” with CHIP E. Here we’ve got 2 original tracks, “77 MONTE CARLO” & “NITE RIDN", plus a NU BANG MIX and an extra “DEEP BODY RUB". True heart & soul, real house music." Wordandsound

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Rootstrax - Rootstrax - Deeply Rooted House 033

01 - Harlequin
02 -
Harlequin (808 dub)
03 - Deep N Raw

"Legendary Deeply Rooted House records comes with a new serie releases called Rootstrax. First ep is by a mysterious French artist that remains unknown for now. However, the listener that knows a bit about the French house music history can easily define the roots of the producer (not saying he can point out who he is :-) The influences of early 90's Fcom/Fnac sound is present combined with some classic Chicago house... this is exactly the concept of Rootstrax." Clone

miércoles, 26 de enero de 2011

DaRand Land - Calming Effect - Deep4Life D4L12014

"DARAND LAND’s first 12″ “blessings” for CHRIS GRAY’s lovely deephouseimprint deep4life is beeing hailed as a deep classic. now his 7 tracker in the excellent mini-album series will quench the thirst of purist. the man is truly a healer and deep visionary: truely emotional music with swirling, classic beats, liquid, floating key pads and string atmospheres, and heavy basslines are the components to evoke solemn thougts and introspection - a real piece of art!!" Wordandsound

ERP - Evoked Potentials (Part Three) - Semantica 016

a. Response
b. Sensory Process (Plant 43 Remix)

"Final part of the ''Evoked Potentials'' series. No need to discuss Gerard Hanson's work any further. One of the best electro/techno acts around, period!" Semantica

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Virgo Four - Resurrection - Rush Hour RH 113 CD

01 - Silence
02 - In The Valley
03 - Sex
04 - Crayon Box
05 - Let The Music Play
06 - Moskaw
07 - It's A Crime
08 - White Smoke
09 - The Mop
10 - Lost Inside Of You

"Resurrection is the follow up to the reissue of Virgo (Four)'s S/T album, which was released by Rush Hour in 2010. This album is a collection of unreleased tracks that were produced over a 6 year period between 1984 and 1990 in various home studios around Chicago.." Rush Hour

Vakula - Background Series # 4 - Ethereal Sound 009

A - Trip From Bo
B - BH (2007)

Fourth background series on Ethereal Sound produced by Vakula. Strong & unique release.

Joey Anderson / Dj Qu - Organisms - Inimeg 001

A1 - Joey Anderson - Organistic
A2 - DJ QU - Alone I See
B1 - Joey Anderson - Listen Up
B2 - Joey Anderson - Party In The Kitchen

"DJ Qu associate Joey Anderson drops the 1st release on his new label. raw and serious cool tracks! Somehow between Early Chicago and the smooth tracks..." Clone

Jacques Greene - The Look - Lucky Me 007

A1 - The Look
A2 - Good Morning
B1 - Holdin' On
B2 - Tell Me

"21 year old Montreal native Jacques Greene represents a new breed of House producer whose influences range from slick 90s UK Garage, classic Chicago House and glossy RnB." Clone

Jacques Greene - The Look

lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

LWE Podcast 72: Aroy Dee

"For anyone with even a passing interest in the high quality strains of techno emitting from the Netherlands, the name Aroy Dee will no doubt already feature on your radar. As Aroy Dee and M>O>S, Steven Brunsmann has been releasing deeply emotive techno and house music since the early days of 2001, kicking off with one of the first releases on Rush Hour Recordings. In an age of digitalized studios and sound-alike productions, Brunsmann’s vintage sound is refreshingly timeless. His own M>O>S imprint plays home to his own productions and features those of like minds Legowelt, Morphosis, Ross 154 and others. His exclusive LWE podcast is a special double mix, including a DJ set taken from a Panorama Bar appearance and a fantastic live set from his R-A-G trio. " LittleWhiteEarBuds


01. R-A-G, “Beyond” (Slow) [M>O>S Deep]
02. Cmetric, “Debris” [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
03. Virgo, “All The Time” [Radical Records]
04. Soulomon, “Nebula” (Formation Mix) [Recondite Records]
05. Unknown artist, “52.3751472″ [Rush Hour Recordings]
06. Audio Atlas, “Guatemalla” [Mathematics Recordings]
07. MD III, “Take Me There” [Westside Records]
08. Legowelt, “Police 303″ [M>O>S Recordings]
09. Inner City, “Ahnonghay” [Music Man Records]
10. Master C & J, “In The City” (Club Mix) [State Street Records]
11. Paul Bennett, “Last Dance For Galaxian” [Modernista]
12. The H-Men, “Scream” (Radio Mix) [Rockin' House]
13. 2 AM/FM, “Electronic Justice” [Spectral Sound]
14. Julian Jonah, “Jealousy And Lies” [Cooltempo]
15. Tevo Howard, “Move” [Hour House Is Your Rush Records]
16. Steven Tang, “Glimmer” [Aesthetic Audio]
17. DMC, “Set Free” [M>O>S Deep*]
18. Aroy Dee, “Beauty” [white*]
19. Reel by Real, “The Aftermath” (Remix) [10 Records]
20. Caribou, “Bowls” [City Slang]
21. Terrance McDonald, “Mind Over Matter” [Saber Records]
22. Marcus Mixx, “House Flash Back” [Streetfire Records]
23. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Deep]
24. Stick Men, “Entruder” [Clubhouse Records]
25. Shake, “Frenchie” [Frictional Recordings]
26. 2 AM/FM, “Werkin House” [Spectral Sound]
27. R-A-G, “Energy” [M>O>S Deep]

Ghosthleigh - For All Those - Ghostleighdubz 009

1 - For All Those
2 - It's On

"Ghostleigh stays in House gear for the ninth 12" on his self-titled label. Two tracks of Deep House indebted to Detroit's Patrice Scott but with a robust, Germanic construction." Boomkat

Fred P - The Incredible Adventures Of Captain P - Soul People Music - SPMCD 003

01 - Changing The World Around Us
02 - In Between Gates
03 - Galactic Star Dust
04 - What It Is: Music (feat J Kahela)
05 - Where I Want To Be
06 - Soul Life Connection (feat Solymar)
07 - Come This Far
08 - 2 Make It Happen
09 - For Real (interlude)
10 - Somewhere
11 - Changing The World Around Us (reprise)

New York-based house artist Fred Peterkin, AKA Fred P, will release his third album through his own label, Soul People Music.

oki-ni presents MOON by Andrew Weatherall

  • Stars Of The Lid Per Aspera Ad Astra
  • Roedelius Finale
  • David Donohoe Finespun & Fleeting
  • Perfume Genius Gay Angels
  • Infinite Body Drive Dreams Away
  • Moebius and Beerbohm Mini Motion
  • Riechmann Weltweit
  • Ben Frost Peter Venkman Pt II
  • Mordant Music Another Uncompleted Dome
  • Zola Jesus Trust Me
  • Carlton Melton Diggin In (F. F. Shite)
  • Bright Black Morning Light Another Reclamation
  • Johanna Billing This Is How We Walk On The Moon

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Traxx - Promomixes 010 - The Music Box

"The premise is simple. A different DJ each month makes a promo mix from a club of the past. They might have played there, they might have danced there, they might have never gone there at all. Hopefully it will be an exercise in nostalgia, imagination or great music. If we're lucky, it'll be all three." Promo Mixes

Scuba - Liquid Radio Mix


01. Scuba - Eclipse [Abucs]
02. Scuba - Klinik
03. Scuba - Tense (Ramadanman Remix) [Abucs]
04. Scuba - Tense (dBridge Remix)
05. Scuba - So You Think You’re Special 2
06. Scuba - Before
07. Scuba - Before (After)
08. Scuba - Before (Deadboy Remix)
09. Scuba - Three Sided Shape 2
10. Scuba - Latch 2
11. Scuba - So You Think You’re Special (Joe Remix)
12. Sebo K & Metro - Transit (Scuba Remix) [Get Phyiscal]

Blondes - Kunsthaus EU Tour Mixtape


Maryanne Amacher - Synaptic Island (Excerpt)
Armando - 151 (Terrace Mix)
Automatic Tasty - Signing In
SFV Acid - Excerpt from Live set 7/9/08
The Bass Foundation - Free (Body)
Blondes - Linksus
Blondes - Paradise City (HTDW overdub vrsn)
Roche - My House Is a Dark House
Dave Aju - Be Like The Sun
Justin V - Clapping Song
Black Jazz Consortium and Fred P - Duality (Fred P's Drift Music)
Lunice - Hitmanes Anthem
Sunny Choi - Hold It Against Me

Blondes - KUNSTHAUS EU Tour Mixtape by BLONDES

viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Under The Radar Podcast Series 10 BRUCE LEE


Reese & Santonio "How To Play Our Music"(Bonus Beats) KMS
Dj Funk "Disko"
Chez Damier (untitleled) KMS
Víctor Romeo "Ride The Rhythm" Dance Mania
Jammin Gerald "Black Women" Rmx Dance Mania
S.B. Project "The Message" Cosmic Records
Armando "Radical Bitch" Rmx Radikal Fear
Armando "100% Dissin'U" Warehouse
Jimmy Bo Horne "Spank" TK Recs.
Daniel Wang "Not Feeling It" Balihu
House Of Gypsies "Searching" COR E94
Santone "Be Right There" SOM
Steve Silk Hurley "(Back to) Jack You Body" Rmx Dj International
Rick Wilhite "Can You Feel Me" Stillove4music
Tyree Cooper "Da Soul Revival" Cosmic Records
Fast Eddie "Acid Thunder" DJ International
Cajmere "House-Werks" Relief
Roy Davis jr. "All I Do" FXHE
Mike Dunn "The M Rules" Rmx
Metal X "Can You Feel The Music" Dance Mania
Murphy Jax feat. Mike Dunn "It's The Music"(Alden Tyrell rmx) Clone
Bernard Badie "Move To The Beat" Mojuba
Dj Total M "Jumpin' Jiggerwatts" 6 Records
Fast Eddie "Yo Yo Get Funky" Dj International
Reese & Santonio "Bounce Your Body To The Box" rmx KMS
Reese & Santonio "How To Play Our Music" (Bonus Beats)KMS

Vince Watson - Atom - Tresor 239D

1 - Atom
2 - Flux
3 - Kaleidoscope

"The title track is powered by that diesel octane blend of hard acid and swirling synths that once drew Chicago tracks and Detroit techno into a symbiant relationship. "Flux" is much harder, but you'll hit some kind of a nostalgic nirvana with the echoes of "Jupiter Jazz" and other techno classics ricocheting around "Kaleidoscope". " 5Chicago

jueves, 20 de enero de 2011

Leonid / XDB / Patrice Scott / Anton Zap- The Aphotic Segments Part One - Sistrum 015

a1. Leonid - Mudanza
a2. XDB - Sotarin
b1. Patrice Scott - 3am
b2. Anton Zap - Sunshine

"To delight those who are true believers of the Sistrum sound- here is a new series called The Aphotic Segments (Part One). This release showcases the talents of Patrice Scott, XDB, Leonid and Anton Zap. Making yet another statement on deep, intens and timeless techno music." Clone

Chasing Voices - Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit - Preserved Instincts 02

a1. Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit

"A mounting, at times seemingly admonishing epic – driven by overloaded, syncopated kickdrums, scuttling hi-hats and scuffed snap-claps that sound wonderfully lively and unsequenced – ‘Ex Nihilo’ pays sonic homage to the mid-’90s Detroit fall-out, but it feels contemporary in spirit. It treats dystopia not as a sci-fi fantasy but as a sober reality. Droning synths hover heavy in the distance like sunrise on a battlefield; the melodies are pretty, seeming to evoke ruin and apocalpyse, sure, but also a resolve to rebuild, or at least to revel in the wreckage. It’s impossible to adequately decode, and impossible not to admire. I can’t remember the last time I heard a techno track sound so angry, so sad, so determined." Fact

George Fitzgerald - Don't You - Hotflush 014

a1. Don't You (Original Mix)
b1. Don't You (SCB Edit)

"Hotflush Recordings presents the follow-up single to George FitzGerald's summer debut "The Let Down" & "Weakness". This much-touted single is seeing the light of day after its inclusion in Scuba’s groundbreaking "SUB:STANCE" mix on Ostgut Ton earlier this year. Here we see the budding London-based producer reaching into the brighter side of dubstep and garage styles, achieving a mood that is both blissful and emotive. On the flipside, Scuba gives the original mix a churning techno re-flex under his SCB guise." Phonica

Delano Smith - Input Selector 076

"Chicago-born Delano Smith grew up at Detroit, and he is well-known for being one of those leading artists from Motown on playing house. It’s during the eighties where he owns his skills as a DJ, one of the best from Detroit as well. He stopped playing in the nineties because of some personnal interests but shaped the break while some promoters asked him to sign releases. 2002 is the milestone year for his arrival on the production scene and soon released his first two 12″ as the first from Mixmode Recordings, created by Tony Foster and himself. Therefore he signed under Third Ear Recordings and Sushitech."

Delano Smith - Input Selector 076 by The Secret Agency

Sven Weisemann - The Resurrxion Mix

G Strings - The Land Of Dreams - Seventh Sign 020

A1 - The Land Of Dreams
A2 - Motivation
B1 - Images
B2 - Images (dub)

"7th Sign is proud to announce a very special release. Formerly of the G-Strings label out of Chicago (first heard in 1990), this is truly a classic rarity that now takes pride of place in the 7th Sign Catalogue. This newly re-mastered issue features all the original tracks, including the classic title cut with its haunting strings and Kraftwerk-esque mechanical groove. All the tracks have a very deep minimal arrangement and production and each stands up against today's modern backdrop. This is a real gem and a great time capsule of Chicago House from back in the day." Clone

Moodymann - Freeki MF - KDJ040

1 - Freeky MF (Extended Version)
2 - California
3 - Freeki MF (Model 500 Remix)
4 - Freeki MF (Egyptian Lover Remix)

"Kenny Dixon's monstrous Freeki Mutha Fucker track remixed by Model 500 and Egyptian Lover! Also coming in an extended mix by Moody himself, and the previously unreleased ''California''." Clone

Hackman - Made Up My Mind - PTN008

A1 - Made Up My Mind
B1 - Bam Bam

"Deeper burnin' mongrel Funky from Hackman on his 2nd mission for PTN. ''Made Up My Mind' entwines lemon-juicy synths with loopy vox and sunken subs-driven House rhythms in clean and efficient style.'Bam Bam uses the same undisclosed vocalist on a warmer House roller, flecked with well-studied keys, sloping bassline and touch of carnivalous percussion." Boomkat

miércoles, 19 de enero de 2011

Brooks Mosher - Mass Transit - Dolly 05

a1. "Intermetro"
"Jupiter Attack"
"Mass Transit"

"Dolly is on a roll! One hot release after another. After Tyrez from Chicago it's now Brooks Mosher, another US producer, delivering the heat. Four outstanding funky deephouse cuts in the best motor city / Panoramabar tradition... this will keep them moving like there's no tomorrow... Another oustanding release on this high-quality house label run by Panoramabar resident Steffi!" Clone

Mokira - Time Axis Manipulation - Kontra Musik 018.2

"Andreas Tilliander has chosen a suggestive title for his new record as Mokira, that project focussed on drone and ambient dub. For now, nothing more is known about the album, but there is info about a series of four EPs due out before it –the first on 12”, the rest on 10”– which will feature remixes of Mokira’s new material by techno underground luminaries such as Redshape, Silent Servant and Echospace." Playground

KM018.1 A1 Mokira-Time Track by KONTRA-MUSIK

KM018.2 A1 Mokira - Axis Audio by KONTRA-MUSIK

KM018.2 B1 Mokira - Axis Audio (Echospace Model I) by KONTRA-MUSIK

KM018.1 B1 Mokira-Time Track (Silent Servant Remix) by KONTRA-MUSIK

Franco Cangelli - Frantic - Mowar 008

A1 - Pressure
A2 - Frantic
B1 - Fringe
B2 - Deviate

"Four tracks of Detroit/Chicago-inspired techno finesse from Gent's Franco Cangelli, On the A-side 'Pressure' flirts with aquatic acid driven dub techno while 'Frantic' has a chunkier, but still bloopy, Chicago pump. Flip it and 'Fringe' yearns for classic Detroit styles with elegant, streamlined synths and 'Deviate' loosens up for a sweetly featherlight techno swing groover." Boomkat

BrokenLoop TV Show 16-01-11

Doozer & Dubbyman (Deep Explorer Music) – BrokenLoop TV Show 16-01-11 (MP3 Download)

Deep House Music Radio Show
Every Sunday from 18:00h to 20:00h GMT+1

DaRand Land - Foregrounds And Backgrounds - Downbeat 004

A1 - Think-ing
A2 - Middlesex (d4l edit)
B1 - More than roots
B2 - Interlude - 3 of me
B3 - Glowing night (Lau meets Land mix)

"The 4th Downbeat release is by DaRand Land. A talented producer who in the beginning of the century, released several jewels on Deep4life. Now, after years of introspection, he presents 5 deep house tracks with warm and smooth synth lines where it can be guessed his self-confessed predilection for Larry Heard and Wayne Gardiner. Music with soul for dancing with eyes closed. " Downbeat

Luke Hess - Field Recording 020

  1. Plastic - No Language
  2. Urban Force - Untitled 2 (Mike Huckaby Remix)
  3. Scb - 20_4
  4. Piemont - Running Mirror (Salz 'Dub' Mix)
  5. Jeroen Search - Paper Space
  6. Prince Of Denmark - Soulfood
  7. Neurotron - System 2.1
  8. Conforce - Detente
  9. Jeroen Search - Module
  10. XDB - Desert Storm
  11. Delta Funktionen - Floating Away
  12. Niederflur - Mimesis (Jonas Kopp Filtered Remix)
  13. Ben Klock - Compression Sessions 1
  14. Movement - Claudio Mate
  15. Niederflur - Exil
  16. Jolka - Five (Silent Servant Remix)
  17. JS - JS03-A
  18. Pattern Repeat - A1
  19. Iori - Spaceiotemporal
  20. Cv313 - For Convextion

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

L.I.E.S. - Comeback Dust - Echovolt 003

1 - Wishing For An End
2 -
Comeback Dust
3 - Comeback Dust (Legowelt remix)

"A somewhat mysterious collaboration between three people from varying parts of the world is finally pieced together after being lost and found over the last two years. The final result being two stripped down and uncompromising tracks that go from Chicago to Detroit and beyond. Also included is Legowelt's remix of Comeback Dust which takes the original and adds his signature Chicago Smudge sound to the mix." Clone

Tevo Howard - Age Of Compassion - Buzzin' Fly 056

"Massive massive fans of Tevo now for a long time, his disco infused arp blends, oldschool drums and emotional keys have become a fixture in our sets. His tracks work well in tough house sets and disco alike, we just cant get enough, next up for the man himself is this great release on Buzzin Fly. Its a solid we rounded EP with a beatless thought provoking original, EPs these days need to have! The remixes are huge aswell with Irish compadre Donnacha Costello and Aera doing the business" Feel my bicep

Steven Tang - Uprise In The Orient - Syncrophone 007

a1. Uprise In The Orient (Original Mix)
b1. Uprise In The Orient (Chicago Skyway Remix)
b2. Optimal Signals (Original Mix)

"Steven Tang sign his first EP with Syncrophone for a Detroit oldschool flavour. After his different productions for his own label Emphasis & the huge EP on Aesthetic Audio, Steven is back for this EP with Derrick May spaced influences!" Syncrophone

Little Village Beatdown II: Chicago Skyway, Communicator, Chicagodeep & Taelue

"An ongoing series of live audio and video DJ mix broadcasts on that take place in the Little Village neighborhood in the south side of Chicago showcasing bright Chicago DJ talent with exceptional taste in music whose aim is to carry on the quality that Chicago is known for."

lunes, 17 de enero de 2011

Marcellus Pittman - The East side Story - Seventh Sign 7SR 021

A1 - An Afternoons Delight
B1 -
The Mad Underdog
B2 - You Want Me (Never)

"7th Sign warmly welcomes Marcellus Pittman to the label. With a distinctive sound that pulls together soul and electronic texture into a form without compare, Marcellus already boasts a formidable track record. He is a member of the seminal 3 Chairs alongside Kenny Dixon Jr., Rick Wilhite and Theo Parrish. As if this weren't enough, his remarkable releases on Sound Signature, Track Mode, FXHE, Fit and his own Unirhythm imprint have further cemented his position as the hottest modern producer around today." Clone

T|M|B|T|S - Galactic Evening - Automatik Datamatik AUDA ETA

1 - Moonshine Playground
2 -
3 - Beyond The Clouds

This seems to be the very first material by THE MAN BEHIND THE SCREEN before he starts his ''Cosmic Starflight'' 2 years ago. Just three deep-space technoide particles could be rescued out of the black-box after we spotted the spaceship wreck on our radar." Clone

Mike Dehnert - Before Framework - Delsin 085

1 - Phase Response
2 - Moment
3 - Discrete

"This EP is an introduction to his upcoming album Framework - an uncompromising album made up of pure techno tracks of the sort you’d expect to hear on the dancefloors of places like Berghain or Tresor. They go from pulsing and classic sounding to skipping and glitchy, through greyed-out and sandy via swinging and syncopated but always with a sense of restraint and control whether they are abstract, apocalyptic, atmospheric or whatever else. " Delsin

Kirk DeGiorgio Clubbingspain Exclusive Mix

Mohlao - Luminescent - Field
Submersible Machines - Cold Seep - Lunar Disko
Donnacha Costello - Leaving Berlin (Lawrence Remix) - Poker Flat
Sarrass - Be As Been - Third Ear
Brendon Moeller - Mainline - Echochord Colour
Jacob Korn - Mirrorflip - Dolly
Basic Soul Unit - Fly By Night - Void
Shohel Takata - Last Resort - Statik
Iori - Light Echo - Prologue
Microworld - ISM (Arthur Oskan Remix) - aDepth
Quince/Benny Rodrigues - 7Up - Smallville
Arnaud Le Texier - Saturday Kick Project - Bass Culture
TJ Kong - Where Were You (Kirk Degiorgio Remix) - Compost
Sigha - Shake - Hotflush
Evgeny Light - Zapla - Simphonic Silence Inside
Iori - Urge - Phonica
Samuel L. Session - Inner City Dust - Figure
Gary Beck - Elisse - Bek Audio
Speedy J - Armstrong - CLR
Samuel L. Session - Blue Ripple - Detelefunk
Pfirter - Arcon - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Jerome Sydenham - Black Ice - Apotek
Jerome Sydenham - Benevolent Red - UK Promotion
JT Kyrke - Connect - M Rec
Robert Hood - Alpha - M Plant
Relict - Digital Curved Sky - Data Leak
Mr. G - G's Strings - Phoenix G
Mike Dehnert - MD - Fachwerk
Roman Lindau/Mike Dehnert - Meck - Fachwerk
Mark Broom & James Ruskin - Hostage - Blueprint
Samuli Kemppi - Quantum Mechanics - Mote Evolver
Mike Dehnert - Biface - Fachwerk
James Ruskin - The Metal Man - Blueprint
Roberto Bosco - Space Drone - Wave
Modern Heads - 1969 - Stroboscopic Artefacts
Kenny Larkin - Glob (ClaudeVonStroke Remix) - Planet E
Umek - Utopian Societies (Joey Beltram Remixes) - 1605
Humano - Life - Music Man
Sasha Carassi - Method Head - Respekt
Mike Dehnert - Umluft One (pt 2) - Fachwerk
Tony Lionni - Timeless - Wave
Mark Broom - Satellite - Beard Man
Jerome Sydenham - The Scavenger - Drumcode
Spitzer - Roller Coaster - Infine
Kirk Degiorgio - New Genesis - ART
Gary Beck/Par Grindvik - Standing On My Foot - Sleaze
Chris Finke - Moofish - Gynoid
Planetary Assault Systems - GT (Function & Sydenham Remix) - Mote Evolver
Secret Cinema - Glad Chord - GEM
Delta Funktionen - Please Identify - Ann Aimee
Ed Rush/Nico - Defect - Peter Van Hoesen Remix - Perc Trax
Shlomi Aber - Groove Mechanism - Ovum
Samuli Kemppi - Orbiter - Komisch
Kirk Degiorgio - Membrane (Carl Craig Remix) - Planet E
Maks - Nervecide 01 - Panel Trax
The Parallel - Abyss - Kosmisch
Alan Sforzina - Rhinoceros - Electronic Music Events
Virgil Enziger - Form Of The Formless (Bas Mooy Remix) - Driving Forces
Dosem & Technasia - Aries - Sino
Ben Sims - Hypnosis - Drumcode
Echologist - Ritual - Steadfast
Function vs Jerome Sydenham - Two Ninety One - CLR
Kevin Gorman - Shakey Stripped - Mikrowave
Deep Space Orchestra - Streetlights - ART
Marco Zenker - Mysterious Moments - Ilian Tape
The Third Man - Tangier - ART

Deep Space Orchestra - Keep It Deep Guest Mix


Ill Harmonics - C-Minus Particles - Public Transport
Awanto 3 - Get That Beedeebee - Rush Hour
Tornado Wallace - Whispering Twirl - Delusions of Grandeur
Trickski - Point 0 - Suol
MCMLXXXVII - Work - unknown
Reel by Reel - Serene - Artless
Deep Space Orchestra - Hold Me Back - More About Music
Jus Ed - I'm Coming (Levon Vincent remix) - Underground Quality
Erdbeerschnitzel - To An End (Tuff City Kids remix) - Mirau
Kink & Neville Watson - Metropole - Hour House Is Your Rush
Rick Poppa Howard - I Won't Lay Back - Hour House Is Your Rush
Larry Heard presents Loosefingers - What Is House? - Alleviated
Tazz - World of Techno - Underground Quality
Entro Senestre - La Caccia - WT

sábado, 15 de enero de 2011

Rolando - 5 To 9 - Ostgut Ton 43

A - De Cago
B - Junie

"The proud heritage of >De Cago< is clear from the outset, yet Rolando works crisp modern drums and edgy acidic synths into the mix, resulting in a potent concoction of jacking, edgy Technofunk. 'Junie' on the flip is raw and gritty. Introducing a different production methodology, this multi-layered half-tempo exploration into eerie harmonics and slow building passages is the latest incarnation of Rolandos melody writing."

Patrice Scott - Louche Podcast 34

"One of Detroit’s top deep house and techno producers Patrice Scott delivers our next installment, and it’s a lovely little addition to the series. Scott’s refreshing attitude to music, and his desire to be anything but the norm has won him the praise of all his peers, with DJs such as Levon Vincent, Fred P and Efdemin supporting his tunes from day one. His label Sistrum, launched in 2006 provides him with an excellent outlet to provide music for the masses, and receives rave reviews with every release. Patrice’s raw and emotively charged sound is at the forefront of the latest wave of electronic music to emerge from the Motor City." LoucheMusic

Juju & Jordash - Quasi Quasi - Dekmantel 005

"Scary looking new 12" on Amsterdam's Dekmantel imprint. 3 deep and insightful new JJ&J tracks with a top notch remix from Ra.H(Morphine)" Rush Hour