lunes, 3 de enero de 2011

LWE Podcast 70: Elgato


01. Classic Man, “Here’s The Sample” (Bassment Jam Mixdown)
[Nervous Records]
02. Norma Jean Bell, “Dreams” [Peacefrog Records]
03. Kerri Chandler, “Downtown” (Dark Mix) [Downtown 161]
04. Oscar G, “Movin’ On” (Original Vocal Mix) [Kumba Records]
05. Janet Rushmore, “Joy” (Choice Mix) [Released For Pleasure Music]
06. Rick Wade, “Harsh Thoughts” [Harmonie Park]
07. Underground Solution, “Paradise ‘97″ [Quench Recordings]
08. Mood II Swing, Do It Your Way” [Groove On]
09. A Baffled Republic, “Sweetness (I Wanna Ho)” [Catch]
10. Tuff & Jam, “Track No Name” [Unda-Vybe]
11. DJ Disciple, “Keep On Movin” (Laid Back And Funk Mix) [Interstate Records]
12. Anthill Mob, “Promise Of…” [Confetti Records]
13. US Alliance, “All I Know” (N.Y.S.C. Dub Mix) [Locked On]
14. Groove Chronicles, “The Beginnings” [Old Dog Recordings]
15. Indigo, “Fly To The Moon” (The Mood II Swing Sentinal Dub) [Defender Music]
16. Jovonn, “Don’t Wanna Let U Go” [Goldtone Records]


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