viernes, 14 de enero de 2011

Ryo Murakami - Underworld - Baud Music 04

A1 - Underworld
A2 - Night Dew
B1 - Closer
B2 - Fog

"Mysterious shadows, sensual formations and intransparent depths rewrite the fourth baud release of Ryo Murakami from Tokyo.The A-side is launched by the title track “Underworld”, which is evident in an appealing soundscape by classical and contemporary dub elements.Also on the front side is the playful “Night dew”. Swirled iridescent synths attend to the atmospheric and unexplored morning dew.“Closer” opens the B-side with a gentle, bubbling acidline that rounds off the background with jacking swinging moments,Like an enchanted, dark veil “Fog” appears on the back side, by building up strings into unsearchable depths." Dnp Music

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