jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

Bvdub - Tribes At The Temple Of Silence - Home Normal

1 - A Quiet Doorway Awaits
2 - The Past Disappears
3 - Sanctuary
4 - These Walls Will Always
5 - Morning Rituals
6 - We Move As One
7 - Towers Rise To The Sky

"The consistently good Home Normal label presents what must be the most engaging and lushly complex album to date from Brock Van Wey aka BVDub. Drifting slightly away from the vast dub scapes he's reputed for, 'Tribes At The Temple Of Silence' is a sumptuous suite of drone/loop-based ambient electronics with a keener sense of pop sweetness and taste for tempered beats. A first sign of things to come occurs on 'A Quiet Doorway Opens', setting the four walls of his sound to a more intimate environment. 'The Past Disappears' gives the first convective flush of emotion with a slow blur of symphonic strings and 13.5 tog ambient tones opened out with richly padded but deeply discrete basses. The keys and crystalline melody of 'Sanctuary' are more New Age positive, recalling some later Roedelius wanderings, but 'These Walls Will Always Remember' succumbs to that comforting loneliness that defines the best of his work, with chilly synths condensed into heaving, harmonious sighs. 'Morning Rituals' introduces even rarer elements to his work with what sounds like Native American ululations woven into waves of static and gently buoyant, icily clear electronic soul rhythms, whereas 'We Move As One' smudges fluttering dub house patterns into the background, foregrounding his powdered snow-crunching synth textures. 'Towers Rise To The Sky' renders his gauzy veils of ambient shimmer with breathtaking delicacy." Boomkat

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