lunes, 24 de enero de 2011

LWE Podcast 72: Aroy Dee

"For anyone with even a passing interest in the high quality strains of techno emitting from the Netherlands, the name Aroy Dee will no doubt already feature on your radar. As Aroy Dee and M>O>S, Steven Brunsmann has been releasing deeply emotive techno and house music since the early days of 2001, kicking off with one of the first releases on Rush Hour Recordings. In an age of digitalized studios and sound-alike productions, Brunsmann’s vintage sound is refreshingly timeless. His own M>O>S imprint plays home to his own productions and features those of like minds Legowelt, Morphosis, Ross 154 and others. His exclusive LWE podcast is a special double mix, including a DJ set taken from a Panorama Bar appearance and a fantastic live set from his R-A-G trio. " LittleWhiteEarBuds


01. R-A-G, “Beyond” (Slow) [M>O>S Deep]
02. Cmetric, “Debris” [Applied Rhythmic Technology]
03. Virgo, “All The Time” [Radical Records]
04. Soulomon, “Nebula” (Formation Mix) [Recondite Records]
05. Unknown artist, “52.3751472″ [Rush Hour Recordings]
06. Audio Atlas, “Guatemalla” [Mathematics Recordings]
07. MD III, “Take Me There” [Westside Records]
08. Legowelt, “Police 303″ [M>O>S Recordings]
09. Inner City, “Ahnonghay” [Music Man Records]
10. Master C & J, “In The City” (Club Mix) [State Street Records]
11. Paul Bennett, “Last Dance For Galaxian” [Modernista]
12. The H-Men, “Scream” (Radio Mix) [Rockin' House]
13. 2 AM/FM, “Electronic Justice” [Spectral Sound]
14. Julian Jonah, “Jealousy And Lies” [Cooltempo]
15. Tevo Howard, “Move” [Hour House Is Your Rush Records]
16. Steven Tang, “Glimmer” [Aesthetic Audio]
17. DMC, “Set Free” [M>O>S Deep*]
18. Aroy Dee, “Beauty” [white*]
19. Reel by Real, “The Aftermath” (Remix) [10 Records]
20. Caribou, “Bowls” [City Slang]
21. Terrance McDonald, “Mind Over Matter” [Saber Records]
22. Marcus Mixx, “House Flash Back” [Streetfire Records]
23. 2 AM/FM, “Desolate Cities” [M>O>S Deep]
24. Stick Men, “Entruder” [Clubhouse Records]
25. Shake, “Frenchie” [Frictional Recordings]
26. 2 AM/FM, “Werkin House” [Spectral Sound]
27. R-A-G, “Energy” [M>O>S Deep]

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