jueves, 13 de enero de 2011

Marcello Napoletano & I.F.M - Renegade Roots - Bosconi 014

1 - Marcello Napoletano - Noise is the cure
2 - Marcello Napoletano - Summer rain
3 - I.F.M - World is changed
4 - I.F.M - I.F.M Roots

"Marcello Napoletano and I.F.M. are probably the most representative and respected italianhouse music producers right now. This new record named as "Renegade Roots" represents a further evolution of their own vision of house music, something that brings. The A side begins with “Noise is the Cure” ending with “Summer Rain” , 2 tracks with almost the same soundphilosophy, filtered, dirty, analog percussive and futuristic chicagoish dubbed out house. The B side instead has got an oldschool feel where "World is change" goes more misterious, spiritual and jazzy and "IFM roots" get inspiration by a more classic and aggressive Dance Mania sound." Rush Hour

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