jueves, 3 de febrero de 2011

Inigo Kennedy @ TS0002, London - 29/01/2011


death abyss - crossing the abyss [mak029]
samuli kemppi - bang [mrecltd006]
lucy - beautiful people [mote019]
planetary assault systems - gt (p.a.s drone sector remix) [mote018]
sandwell district - hunting lodge [sd2x1201]
jolka - five (surgeon remix) [sect6r]
submerge - black mamba (original mix) [mote016]
samuli kemppi - bounce [mrecltd006]
marcel fengler - thwack [mote017]
death abyss - jonathan e v2 [mak029]
jeff mills - radiation storm [xecd-1122]
the end of all existance (a2) [end000]
justin berkovi - backshredding (forward strategy group remix) [perctrax]
reality or nothing - untitled (ch signal mix) [rsb9]
jeff mills - the visitor [xecd-1122]
shutter - natterjack (a1) [hem001]
coefficient - inverse resonance [duality002d]
inigo kennedy - untitled (2010_12_05) [unreleased]
lucy - happiness is a prison [mote019]
jeff mills - mysterious stars [xecd-1122]
inigo kennedy - albedo [asymp3020]
inigo kennedy - wayang golek [asymp3017]
khoiba - terribly (asymmetric linn version 4) [unreleased]
inigo kennedy - obsidian [token017]
choice - acid eiffel [frg-6]
808 state - flow coma [cat080lp]
autechre - m62 [wap505]
blind summit - motion departure (voidloss paradise beats mix) [sin009]
afx - bodmin 1 [analord06]
clark - ache of the north [warplp162]
inigo kennedy - five ways to move (a1) [asy005]

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