sábado, 18 de diciembre de 2010

Elan / Falty Dl - I Can't Breathe / Large Flash - 50 Weapons 007

01 - ELan - I Can't Breathe
02 - McGuillicutty Moves
03 - Falty DL - Largue Flash
04 - I'm Gonna Show Somthin

"Super slick future HipHop and Garage from the mysterious eLan and the man in NYC, Falty DL. We still haven't a clue who eLan is but if you like your beats butterd with Dilla-style beat and supremely hazy BoC synths, 'I Can't Breathe' is an absolute must have. Equally, the convulsive, scissoring hi-hats, skipping rhodes and subbass ructions of Falty DL's 'Large Flash' should be recommended to lovers of the finest fututre garage delicacies." Boomkat

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