sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

Sven Weiseman - Sole Exception - ESSAYS 003

1 - Elysium
2 - Lateral Flection
3 - Sole Exception
4 - Tidal Wave
5 - Placid Love

"Sven Weisemann's 'Sole Exception' is his first and only of the year. It follows the tangent taken on the 'Xine' album and previous Essays 7"s to more cinematic and soothing soundtracky terrain, or perhaps even a form of modern Library music, when considered with the classically plaintive sleeve. While the majority of the five tracks are driven by fine-tuned Detroit house and electro motors, we'd never really play them in a club, they're far more suited to reclined and immersive listening sessions at the deep end of the pool. With 'Elysium' Sven sets his agenda close to classic ambient, while 'Tidal Wave' and 'Lateral Flection' mesh snapping electro and opulent sound design to come across like Suburban Knight meets Deaf Center. For the House fiends, the sublime slow throbs of 'Sole Exception' and the symphonic structures of 'Placid Wave' hit the mark with effortless precision." Boomkat

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