jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

STL - Flying Objects - Something Series 015

A1- Dark Energy
A2 - Moving Up
A3 - Spook
A4 - Loop A
B1 - Don't Follow Me
B2 - Evil Smile
B3 - Loop B
C1 - Like This
C2 - Air Raid Sirens
C3 - Loop C
D1 - The Unfamous
D2 - Sugarcat
D3 - Loop D

"Eight tracks and four locked grooves of raw and diverse House music from the inimitable STL. When STL tracks make it to vinyl you know they're always worth checking and this doublepack is no exception. Constantly changing the game, he nods to KMS style rave with the nasty synth licks of 'Dark Energy', while 'Like This' nods to earliest Chicago House with wickedly '80s sounding stabs followed by two minutes of rave-starting air raid sirens. Getting trickier, 'Don't Follow Me' is a pure and deadly piece of drum programing magic and 'Sugarcat' gives an assured nod to Theo Parrish." Boomkat

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