jueves, 23 de diciembre de 2010

Juan Pablo - Dream - Frigio Records Frv004

1 - Dream (feat ArD2 - Allstars edit)
2 - Midas Land (feat Josh Werner)
3 - Dream (JTC remix)

"Frigio's head honcho invites Chicago's Josh Werner and perennial acid fiend, JTC, on an intrepid electro-acid quest. With help from the shadowy ArD2 aka Penélope his original 'Dream' sounds like a muzzled Ultradyne in a reflective mood, while the sinister EBM-spiked throb and bustle of 'Midas Land' fuses Josh Werner's vox into a detuned cut of gothic acid feat. arrangements from Rolf Martens and Ekis. JTC takes on 'Dream', laying gurgling 303 tweaks and electro-tipped jackers patterns with wickedly off-kilter chords."

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